The Airplay Channel - Rock Radio Deejays

Airplay microphone

Music started with rock radio

The Airplay Channel will be a Rock Radio Experience celebrating all the stations and deejays across the USA that made the glory years of rock radio--the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s--the best musical years of our lives.

Created by the producers of “Airplay: The Rise and Fall Of Rock Radio,”, the documentary airing on PBS stations around the country, The Airplay Channel will showcase our own collection of the video interviews we shot over the past 15 years, with new ones still to come, along with a collection of airchecks, pictures, stories and memorabilia from your favorite deejays.

Please help, starting right now, to make it the best possible experience for everybody who cares deeply about the music that changed our lives. Contact me with your thoughts, ideas, stories, memories, videos, airchecks, pictures or other contributions that we can curate and include as part of the story of rock radio.

Thank you!
Carolyn Travis