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  • Name Kim 

  • Subject Delaware WSEA / WJWL


  • I have a radio nostalgia question that I am hoping someone there can answer. I have lived my entire life (60 years) on the Delmarva peninsula. During the late '60's and most of the '70's, there was a radio station in Georgetown, Delaware with the call letters WSEA. It was the FM affiliate of WJWL, the AM radio station located in the same building. (WJWL was the only radio station that my dad ever listened to!) When I was in junior high school and then through high school, WSEA was a rock station playing the mainstream rock music that was current at the time. Then at 9:00 pm every night until midnight, there was a DJ who called himself "Edgar Poe". He referred to his three hour show as being "underground", and he played a lot of album rock. A lot of it was pretty obscure. It was "Poe" who introduced me to "Tarkus" (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer). He would often play the whole 20 minute and 40 second A-side. He also played a lot of obscure Pink Floyd. I actually went out and bought the "Meddle" album because "Poe" played several tracks from that album a lot, particularly, the song "One Of These Days". To this day, he has been the only DJ that I have ever known to play "White Bird" (It's A Beautiful Day-1969) at least once or twice a week. Another favorite of his (apparently) was the obscure "Constipation Blues" (Screamin' Jay Hawkins - 1969) as he seemed to get that song in at least once or twice a week. Sadly (at least for me) in the late '70's, WSEA changed it's rock format to Disco / Top 40. If I remember correctly, it was in '77 or '78. The station had been telling everyone that they were converting WSEA to stereo. I actually called and talked to one of the DJs about the conversion to stereo because, being an electronics junkie, I was curious about the equipment change. He explained to me that there was a piece of equipment called an "exciter" that they were waiting on being installed, and that they would be broadcasting in stereo when it was installed. What he didn't tell me was that as soon as the station started broadcasting in stereo, the format was changing to Disco / Top 40. It was after that change in format that I put up an outdoor FM antenna and started listening to 98 Rock out of Baltimore. Ironically, 98 Rock is still one of the most popular rock stations on the east coast. Before the format change, however, 98 Rock had nothing on WSEA, especially in the late evenings when "Poe" was at the helm. Anyway, does anyone there also remember this DJ, or know anything about him? I used to remember all of the WSEA DJ names, but it's been too long ago. I do, however, remember the guy who called himself "Edgar Poe" as he pretty much introduced me to the music that I have listened to and enjoyed my entire life. Maybe someone there is familiar with the history of WSEA. I do know from research that the WSEA call letters eventually went to a radio station in Myrtle Beach, SC. Unfortunately, there isn't much information available for WSEA when it was the FM affiliate of WJWL in Georgetown, Delaware. Any info that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!  Sincerely, Kim